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Here at IPS Instant Pest Solutions we provide pest control services in Liverpool and Northwest and deal with wide range of pests such as rats, mice and pigeons.

The objective of pest management programme is to maintain pest-free conditions in all areas of the site. The following systematic approach should be taken to all pest control and pest prevention issues:



These are the methods adopted in preventing pest entry into a building. Exclusion is often neglected or ignored with entire reliance being placed on destruction, in many cases after infestation has occurred. The use of pesticides may then fail to achieve the desired results because the building structure and conditions within are incompatible.



These are the methods used in creating unfavourable conditions for pests to harbour and breed.



These are the physical and chemical methods that are commonly used to control pests.

Based on the assumption that no building can be rendered entirely pest-proof, we follow these three simple principles to reduce the risk of infestation and aid in the eradication of pests as early as possible should they occur.

So why not get in the professional pest control company to eradicate your pest problem. IPS Instant Pest Solutions are the right people for the job, however big or small in Liverpool & North-West.